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Its been 11 years since spanish DJ, Wally Lopez created “La Factoría” as a electronic music label. Since then, this humble label has developed into Factomania Group, one of the leading groups in the electronic music sector in Spain. Factomania Group is a quality project boasting 7 of the best electronic music labels with a huge amount of releases of different styles, an mp3 online store, “Insomnia” radio show with Wally López on Europa FM and “Factomania Radio Show” on Ibiza Global Radio.

Factomania Showcase has become a reference point for Factomania Group over the years thanks to its music and production quality becoming a recognizable event with massive fan support internationally.

Factomania Roster:
Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas, Luis Bonias Bias, Mihalis Safras, Richard Dinsdale, Stefano Noferini, Collective Machine, LouLou Players, B.Cliff, Anna Tur, Will Monotone, The Mix, Zoo Brazil, Piem & Vidaloca, Edgar VM, Piemont, Kolombo, M.in, Derek D, Pedro Mercado, Fabricio Pecanha.

Factomania Artists On Request:
Redondo, Alex Gomez, Audio Junkies, Rodrigo Laffert, Deltano, Antonio Piacquadio, Carlos Sanchez, Afrobeat, Agent!, Vito & Danito, Paulo Tella, Angelo Ferreri, Pepo & Pacho, Caio Jardini, Falomir, Nader Razdar, F.Sonik, Luca Bernardi, Fra´n´kie, Yenk, Sante Sansone, GruuvElement´s, David Medina, Javi Colina, Zacharias Tiempo, Loui Fernandez, Javiunder, Diego Infanzon, The Brooklyn Times, Eskuche & Nu Sky.

Factomania Showcase features:
Event decor with Factomania/La Factoría posters, visuals with logos etc.
Promotion of the events via advert support in every Factoamnia Radioshow.
Event promotion on the entire social network related to Factomania Group.
Artist availability for any event ad requests on promotor/venue's side.
DJ Interviews on radioshows, video/audio recorded messages.

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